All Letizia Cavallaro’s collections are made in Silver 925 with the following variants: Rhodium White, Gilt Yellow, Gilt Pink and Burnished with Ceramic Coated Etna Lava Stones. The jewels are made in silver because it’s durable, ductile and it reflects light.

Although Letizia Cavallaro’s jewels are Rhodium finished, weather conditions, moist, cosmetics and sweat my alter the color to a darker shade. Rhodium plating can be restored simply by a professional goldsmith.

Such natural phenomena, producing an opaque sheen and the blackening of silver jewels is called tarnish.
It is a surface chemical reaction not causing any damage to the jewel and doesn’t require any professional treatment with aggressive products; instead, it may be easily removed by homemade cleaning with a soft brush and neutral soap.

Although no particular maintenance is required, we suggest to clean jewels gently with a dry cloth, and keep them in their cases, where are protected against temperature changes and scratches.