Product care


The Letizia Cavallaro collections are all made of 925 silver in the variants: white rhodium, yellow gold, pink gold and burnished with ceramic-coated Etna lava stone. The jewels are made of silver because it is resistant, ductile and for its ability to reflect light.

Although Letizia Cavallaro jewels are treated with a rhodium finish, atmospheric agents, humidity, cosmetics and sweat can lead to a change in color tending to a darker color. The rhodium plating can be brought back to its original state by a simple intervention of a goldsmith professional.

This natural phenomenon that produces a dull patina and blackening of silver jewelry is called tarnish.
It is a surface chemical reaction that does not involve any damage to the jewel or professional treatments with the use of aggressive products: it can, however, be easily eliminated by home cleaning using a soft toothbrush and neutral soap.

Although no particular maintenance is required, it is recommended to gently clean your jewels with a dry cloth and place them in their cases that keep them away from sudden changes in temperature and possible scratches.